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About Us

Pan African Women Projects (PAWP), Is A Non-Profit, Non-governmental, Non-Religious and Non-Political Organization Of All African Women both in the Nations of Africa and in the Diaspora and Friends Of Africa.


PAWP Is Born After A Careful Study, Interaction, and Analysis Of The Several Dehumanizing Plights Of Women In Africa Especially The Rural Dwellers In Comparison With Other Women In other continents of the world such as Asia, Europe and America etc. The role of women in various homes, the unimaginable talent, the untapped potential and strength, the unbelievable traditional, societal and economic handicaps, and the challenges of the modern world.

And above all, the unanswerable and irresponsible attitudes of most governments of African nations towards the plights of women, children and the physically challenged. To many, the Ministry of Women, child development and People with disability though created like other ministries, is either grossly underfunded or just an avenue to extend and perpetuate corruption. Hence, the deep and strong passion to tackle the many numerous challenges of women, children and the physically challenged, and empower the African woman to live a normal and better life and make the world a better place for all, and hence, help alleviate poverty in Africa and the world. 


The Primary objectives of Pan African Women Projects are among others, to gradually alleviate and totally annihilate poverty in the continent of Africa through the efforts and contributions of women using developmental projects.

Pan African Women Projects

Pan African

Women Projects

PAWP...One People, One Vision, One Goal

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